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how to make a flower box

date:2018/08/13 15:33
Today’s tutorial is how to make a flower box....
First of all, the materials we need to prepare are 140*38 flower box plate, plastic clip, Circular pipe, screw, circular pipe lid.

The second step is to connect the plastic clip to the flower box plate and secure it with screws

Step 3: insert the Circular pipe into the plastic clip. The length of the Circular pipe is determined by the height of the flower box

Step 4: connect all the surrounding flower-box plate together according to the above methods. The height of the connecting circular pipe
should becut into theheight of the flower-box you want to make according to the actual situation

Step 5, according to the height you want to make the flower box, insert the appropriate level of the flower box plate, and connect the fixed!

Step 6, insert the circular pipe lid

Step 7, fill in the soil

Step 8: plant your favorite flowers or plants