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  •   wood plastic composite product is made from straw,wood fiber,high-polymer and special additives. it can be anti-UV,on radiation, and does ont contain formaldehyde,ammonia,benzene and other harmful elements.it is all in compliance with national environ...【Read the full】
  •   the product has strong temperature resistance performance in complex outdoor environment(-70℃ to 60℃),and it has the featureof on deformation,not brittle and low color degradation rate,etc. moreover,the waterproof,moisture-proof,anti mildew,corros...【Read the full】
  •   the great advantage of WPC is it can be secondary process. it can be process to the shape which you want after reheating. it can be cut,saweb,planed,drilled,nailed or paint,it has excellent coordination ability of industrial design.the products mostly...【Read the full】
  •   the appearance of product is cery ince,it has natural woodgrain,color and textuer is colse to natuer,focus on the performance of engineering design and product material's texture and color's texture.it also can through the design of different forms re...【Read the full】
  •   municipal environmental sanitation,landscapearchitecture,engineering design,outdoor leisure furniture factory,building materials for indoor and outdoor decoration.it also can make the dysmorphism in some specific environmen,curve and surface decoratio...【Read the full】